Secondary offering of shares of AB Avia Solutions Group worth over EUR 15 million successfully completed

01 / 15

TGS Baltic was a legal advisor to AB Avia Solutions Group (the “Company”) with regard to offering newly issued shares of the Company to select investors and their admission to trading on the Polish regulated market, i.e. on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The shares of the Company were successfully subscribed for and admitted to trading on the regulated market in December 2014. This share offering enabled the Company to raise over LTL 51.5 million.

In this process TGS Baltic, represented by Partner Vidmantas Drizga and Senior Associate Mantas Gofmanas, was the Company’s advisor on the issues related to the Lithuanian law (on the issues of the Polish law the Company was advised by Baker & McKenzie, one of the largest law firms in the world), which structured the transaction, prepared a prospectus for admission of new shares of the Company to the Polish regulated market, as well as all other documents related to this project, represented the Company in the Bank of Lithuania and the Central Securities Depository of Lithuania and performed all other necessary actions related to the offering of the shares and their admission to the regulated market.

AB Avia Solutions Group is a holding with over 20 subsidiaries. This group of business enterprises offers complex solutions for aviation services on the global scale, including aeroplane fleet management, pilot education and training, crew formation and lease, chartered flights, aeroplane technical maintenance, aeroplane parts and components repair and supply solutions and other services.